Can you tell us a bit about your website?

It is an artist website where I present parts of my oeuvre, on the blog specially texts from novels, radio-plays, stage plays etc. Visitors of the blog can vote (choose their favored story) and also they can leave a comment about the stories or the blog/site or whatever.

How did you discover the Commentics site?

Accidentally during surfing on the internet, searching a comment script. After testing a lot of other propositions I finally get stuck at the Commentics site :-)

What made you choose the script over others?

It looked great at the surface, it has all needed features and options and it seemed to be easily manageable. Important for me was, to get/have the scripts on my server what means to get/have access to all of them as far as needed/possible. I didn't like these implemented iframe-stuff-links, you know ...

What advice would you give to fellow admins?

It seems to be important (it was/is still is for me) to try out all the options to get through of all of them. So you get familiar with the richness of possibilities and you find the track to your individual setting.

How, if at all, did you customize the script?

I changed some settings of the form currently but I will go on customizing more as soon as I am more versant with the dashboard and its possibilities.

What would you like to see added or improved?

The instructions (manual) concerning the renaming of folders during preparing the uploading and installation could/should be more precise. For me it was a bit confusing and I couldn't see why to rename - that should be explained.

Have you ever needed to use the support site?

The support site is the Forum site ...? Yes, intensively :-) Steven has spent so much time and endurance on my questions and he helped me to solved all issues I had with redundant codings and lots of other problems (Thanks again, Steven!)

Has Commentics helped your website so far?

Of course, I am happy with it and hope, that a million users will leave cool comments and get in touch with me and my oeuvre :-)))

Would you recommend Commentics to others?

Yes, imperatively I would and will! I think it is a very good solution for everybody who is searching for a comment script which is for free and works anyhow very professional and it is good to handle for everyone.

Do you have any final words to add?

What can one say about such a good thing .... May be simply this: Thank you Commentics! Your site was a wonderful discovery and I wish you tremendous prosperity!!!!