Can you tell us a bit about your website?

Self help site.

How did you discover the Commentics site?

Search engine.

What made you choose the script over others?

More functions and easy to enable the functions needed. Easy to integrate. This is really great.

What advice would you give to fellow admins?

Keep the good work!

How, if at all, did you customize the script?

Just translated some text which appears on layout form to Amharic.

What would you like to see added or improved?

Speed of the script after a user fills out the form and clicks a send button seems slow?

Make the settings of for ex. Settings > Layout > Form on one window instead of opening individual widow for each item settings.

I haven't tried yet but may be categorizing function in Admin panel would be great when comments grow in numbers.

Have you ever needed to use the support site?

Yes, the forum.

Has Commentics helped your website so far?

Am new and just started.

Would you recommend Commentics to others?

Yes, I may.

Do you have any final words to add?

Again, keep the good work.