Can you tell us a bit about your website?

We are a Steam and Electric Enthusiast's website directory service. Listing hundreds of events, running days and places to go around the UK and throughout the year. Our aim is to present events and information from around the UK in a simple, readable and easily navigable format.

How did you discover the Commentics site?

Stack exchange (I think!)

What made you choose the script over others?

Ease of use. Free trial. Cost effective licence.

What advice would you give to fellow admins?

Be cool. Be very cool.

How, if at all, did you customize the script?

Index page - customised extractor.php

What would you like to see added or improved?

Added: A proforma CSV file import system, so that non-Commentics data can be transferred hassle free.

Improved: Nothing really. Maybe go straight to comments section in Admin -- that's probably possible, just haven't figured it out yet.

Have you ever needed to use the support site?

Yes, several times.

Has Commentics helped your website so far?

Only launched today (March 2019) - but 100% sure it will.

Would you recommend Commentics to others?

Totally. 100%. Natürlich. Does Carmen Miranda wear fruit on her head?

Do you have any final words to add?

I'm not a robot ;o)