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Version 3.2

7th May 2017
[Feature] Extension installer
[Feature] Preview comment
[Improvement] Database query optimization
[Improvement] Mobile improvements
[Improvement] Admin area view links
[Improvement] Admin area menu icons
[Improvement] Bootstrap compatibility
[Improvement] Foundation compatibility
[Improvement] Adds delete installer setting
[Improvement] Refactors language loading
[Improvement] Database error handling
[Improvement] Return to all comments link
[Improvement] Shows list of sponsors
[Improvement] Ability to load extra CSS
[Improvement] Adds check CSRF setting
[Improvement] Displays theme preview
[Improvement] Upgrades chart script
[Improvement] Upgrades Colorbox script
[Improvement] Upgrades Font Awesome
[Improvement] Upgrades highlight script
[Improvement] Upgrades htmLawed script
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades Timeago script
[Improvement] Upgrades TinyMCE script
[Bug Fix] Akismet setting
[Bug Fix] Admin permissions
[Bug Fix] Fixes engine loading
[Bug Fix] Htaccess indexignore
[Bug Fix] Modification clear cache
[Bug Fix] Comment positions error
[Bug Fix] Session expiration fixes
[Bug Fix] Session multiple pages
[Other] Lowers min MySQL version

Version 3.1

11th December 2016
[Improvement] Adds hide replies setting
[Bug Fix] Fix for no default country
[Bug Fix] Multiple pagination calls
[Bug Fix] Empty outer comment positions
[Bug Fix] Undefined JavaScript errors
[Bug Fix] Matching www in URL
[Bug Fix] Approval precedence
[Bug Fix] Incorrect strtolower call
[Bug Fix] 3rd party flexnav htaccess
[Other] Removes debug code
[Other] Increases minimum MySQL version

Version 3.0

5th November 2016
[Feature] Responsive
[Feature] Search comments
[Feature] HTML emails
[Feature] Guest subscriptions
[Feature] Upload images
[Feature] Share comments
[Feature] Modification system
[Improvement] MVC & OOP
[Improvement] Ajax (no page reload)
[Improvement] Charts module for dashboard
[Improvement] Uses Sass
[Improvement] Auto updates time of comment
[Improvement] Bio with badges & levels
[Improvement] ReCaptcha v2
[Improvement] Better SSL support
[Improvement] Name and email must match
[Improvement] Stronger password hashing
[Improvement] Set modify permissions for admin account
[Improvement] User emailed to say comment approved
[Improvement] Change password without being logged out
[Improvement] Backend uses jQuery UI Dialog
[Improvement] Uses CSS normalize
[Improvement] Set amount of repeating characters to detect
[Improvement] Ability to use different database drivers
[Improvement] Password strength indicator
[Improvement] Setting to load jQuery locally or CDN
[Improvement] Moderate each page differently
[Improvement] Remembers sorting of admin results
[Improvement] Setting for format of page number
[Improvement] Ban using partial IP Address
[Improvement] Uses fallback if mysqldump unavailable
[Improvement] Setting to change comment area positions
[Improvement] Moderate each user differently
[Improvement] Uses Font Awesome icons
[Improvement] User can select State location
[Improvement] Backend uses built-in tables
[Improvement] Stores modified database dates
[Improvement] Dashboard shows important notices
[Improvement] Menu items better organized
[Improvement] Backend validates all inputs
[Improvement] More translatable
[Other] Word data moved to database
[Other] Email data moved to database

Version 2.5

9th March 2014
[Improvement] Switches from MySQL to MySQLi extension
[Improvement] Subscribe to replies/admin comments only
[Improvement] Adds ability to display parsing information
[Improvement] Adds selectable themes to choose from
[Improvement] Overridable CSS/language/agreement files
[Improvement] Overridable email and word list files
[Improvement] Loads jQuery even if no feature needs it
[Improvement] Uses jQuery for reply smooth scroll
[Improvement] Adds an IP address limit on unconfirmed subscriptions
[Improvement] Uses jQuery UI to flash the permalink comment
[Improvement] Changes true defines from string to boolean
[Improvement] Flashes the vote number instead of a JS alert
[Improvement] Moves sticky icon to top and admin name green
[Improvement] Removes referrer check skip if URL is IP address
[Improvement] Checks AP referrer against current page URL
[Improvement] Removes JS alerts for voting error messages
[Improvement] Removes JS alerts for flag error messages
[Improvement] Redirects to /installer/ if it exists
[Improvement] Displays RSS name without text afterwards
[Improvement] Uses Colorbox for the agreement links
[Improvement] Fades out the success/approve box
[Improvement] Uses jQuery UI Sortable for drag & drop
[Improvement] Uses jQuery UI Dialog for BB Code
[Improvement] Shows an error message for invalid BB Code
[Improvement] BB Code/Smiley tags are translatable
[Improvement] Dates and times are translatable
[Improvement] Uses JS for cookie so no need for ob_start()
[Improvement] Improves the website validation function
[Improvement] Uses jQuery Raty for ajax star rating
[Improvement] Improves ambiguity of name/town validation
[Improvement] Auto-populates the Installer
[Improvement] Allows renaming of /comments/ folder
[Improvement] Email and RSS use the permalink of comment
[Improvement] Moves subscription link below signature
[Improvement] Pagination links are CSS-styled buttons
[Improvement] Adds descriptive text next to Sort By field
[Improvement] Adds ability to use form placeholders
[Improvement] Minor styling changes to RSS links
[Improvement] Moves 3rd party scripts to dedicated folder
[Improvement] Adds task to delete old comments
[Improvement] Adds a php.ini file for CGI servers
[Improvement] Moves admin notes/tips to admin panel
[Improvement] Compatibility improvements for scripts
[Improvement] Displays only one RSS link
[Improvement] Changes to admin panel encoding
[Improvement] Standardizing of code
[Improvement] Installer interface changes
[Improvement] Adds Italian language
[Improvement] Minor language changes
[Improvement] Upgrades htmLawed script
[Improvement] Upgrades jQuery script
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades TinyMCE script
[Bug Fix] Fixes 1px gap above admin notes textarea
[Bug Fix] Fixes 'Cannot redeclare htmLawed()' error
[Bug Fix] Fixes HTML5 validation error for empty countries
[Bug Fix] Fixes loop causing slow keyword conversion
[Bug Fix] Fixes missing CSS class for rating field
[Bug Fix] Negates any letter-spacing on BB Code/Smilies
[Bug Fix] Handling of viewer times longer than one hour
[Bug Fix] Dutch language fixes
[Bug Fix] German language fixes
[Bug Fix] Admin panel HTML5 fixes
[Bug Fix] Applies image border styling to Commentics only
[Bug Fix] Fixes missing unsigned attribute from ints
[Bug Fix] Attaches anchor directly to heading tags
[Bug Fix] Only show add subscriber form if pages exist
[Other] Allows validation of numbers in the name
[Other] Disables IP address admin check
[Other] Decreases time check for bots

Version 2.4

27th June 2013
[Improvement] Adds bulk actions to the admin pages
[Improvement] Adds Securimage captcha
[Improvement] Adds support for custom Gravatar default image
[Improvement] Adds an email setup page to control settings
[Improvement] Adds setting to control reply scroll speed
[Improvement] Minor changes to wording of email subjects
[Improvement] Removes ID column in Manage -> Admins
[Improvement] Adds Danish language
[Improvement] Adds Bulgarian language
[Improvement] Improves 'delay pages' logic
[Improvement] Adds a 'trust previous users' approval setting
[Improvement] Support for <h1> integration keyword
[Improvement] Installer checks if MySQL extension enabled
[Improvement] Adds settings to control state of form fields
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades jQuery script
[Improvement] Upgrades Menu script
[Bug Fix] Compatibility fixes for mod_rewrite
[Bug Fix] Compatibility fixes for <base> tag
[Bug Fix] Admin comments needed approval if approving all
[Bug Fix] French language fixes
[Bug Fix] Increases size of URL database column length
[Bug Fix] Comment min/max check and HTML entities
[Other] Moves Akismet to its own folder
[Other] Removes setting class
[Other] 'Delay pages' setting enabled by default

Version 2.3

2nd February 2013
[Feature] Permalink
[Improvement] Frontend HTML5 compliant
[Improvement] Lots of encoding improvements and fixes
[Improvement] Support for MySQL port number
[Improvement] More helpful database error messages
[Improvement] Spaces are encoded in user-entered URLs
[Improvement] Removal of subscriber activation feature
[Improvement] Flag system simplified
[Improvement] Cannot report an admin comment
[Improvement] Support for BB Code video ''
[Improvement] Viewers feature shows the search engine
[Improvement] Error/Approve/Success box has BG colour
[Improvement] Add text around the comment counter
[Improvement] Performance of comments loop
[Improvement] Installer checks if filter_var() available
[Improvement] Installer has more accurate session check
[Improvement] Removes ID column in Manage -> Pages
[Improvement] 'Disable all forms' setting moved to Manage -> Pages
[Improvement] Admin Panel uses HTML5 input type=email
[Improvement] Admin Panel uses HTML5 'required' and 'autofocus'
[Improvement] Database Backup tool warns if system() disabled
[Improvement] ReCaptcha / Akismet warns if fsockopen() disabled
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades TinyMCE script
[Improvement] Upgrades jQuery script
[Bug Fix] Headings were hyperlinked by anchors
[Bug Fix] Layout when comment counter disabled
[Bug Fix] Some '$' were not changed to 'jQuery'
[Bug Fix] Delete replies loop didn't delete voters/reports
[Bug Fix] All Installer files are now UTF-8
[Bug Fix] Some anchors were used unnecessarily
[Bug Fix] No height below reply message in Chrome
[Bug Fix] Clicking BB Code/Smilies inserted URL of image
[Bug Fix] Comment button IDs were not unique
[Bug Fix] Characters like ö, ç and ü were encoded
[Bug Fix] Question mark at times wrongly removed from URL
[Bug Fix] Viewers feature did not auto refresh
[Bug Fix] Multiple spaces in user inputs were preserved
[Bug Fix] Empty BB Code tags were converted
[Bug Fix] Fixes Swift Mailer exception error
[Bug Fix] Disabling all smilies disables the feature
[Other] Tested with latest PHP / MySQL / Apache
[Other] Disables 'fix town'
[Other] Updates copyright

Version 2.2

14th September 2012
[Security] Brute-force login protection
[Feature] Restrict admin page access
[Improvement] Quick approve in Manage -> Comments
[Improvement] Add multiple captcha answers with "|"
[Improvement] Maximum BB Code image size
[Improvement] Russian language
[Improvement] Sort By links changed to drop-down
[Improvement] Password reset limit (limit 5)
[Improvement] Side-by-side layout option
[Improvement] Frontend able to work without session
[Improvement] jQuery '$' changed to 'jQuery'
[Improvement] No margin/padding on form
[Improvement] Installer checks if session available
[Improvement] Added extra options to cURL
[Improvement] Allows ' and " in JavaScript
[Improvement] Checks admin cookie is alphanumeric
[Improvement] Allows multiple cmtx_parameters
[Improvement] "You're reviewing" changed to "Topic"
[Improvement] Removes mismatching data ban
[Improvement] Re-adds honeypot captcha
[Improvement] Adds time-based captcha
[Improvement] Style the submit/preview button
[Improvement] Checks country is in country list
[Improvement] Uses backticks for DB names/columns
[Improvement] Upgrades htmLawed script
[Improvement] Upgrades TinyMCE script
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Bug Fix] CSS height_above_powered
[Bug Fix] BB Code URL and UTF-8
[Bug Fix] header() redirect fixes
[Bug Fix] Incorrect setting for SMTP email
[Bug Fix] RSS omits lastbuilddate if no items
[Bug Fix] Allows page URI to be mixed case
[Bug Fix] Comment resubmit check fixes
[Bug Fix] Referrer check fixes
[Bug Fix] Allows ' in countries
[Bug Fix] Time zone fixes

Version 2.1

12th July 2012
[Security] Admin panel CSRF protection
[Security] Admin panel DB backup deletion
[Security] Admin panel XSS on a few pages
[Security] Admin panel Drop-downs sanitized
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Improvement] Upgrades htmLawed script
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades TinyMCE script
[Bug Fix] YouTube and https
[Bug Fix] Installer cURL check
[Bug Fix] Admin panel unique session
[Bug Fix] Admin panel xHTML fixes
[Bug Fix] Admin panel DB backup details
[Bug Fix] Admin panel Viewers info updated
[Other] Enables 'Check Referrer'

Version 2.0

19th June 2012
[Feature] ReCaptcha
[Feature] Hide Form
[Feature] Read More
[Improvement] Average rating displays x/5
[Improvement] Error reporting code in function
[Improvement] Gravatar size option
[Improvement] Gravatar options now selectable
[Improvement] Text Finder tool in admin panel
[Improvement] Re-connects to original DB after script
[Improvement] Comment count after heading 'Comments'
[Improvement] Flag email message is shorter & simpler
[Improvement] Field label 'Vote' changed to 'Rating'
[Improvement] No maximum field length ban
[Improvement] Field sizes controlled by CSS
[Improvement] Unique CSS variables
[Improvement] Unique JavaScript variables
[Improvement] Unique PHP variables
[Improvement] Translatable countries
[Improvement] Edit bans in admin panel
[Improvement] Google Bookmarks changed to Google+
[Improvement] Word 'Reject' changed to 'Error' in admin panel
[Improvement] printf and sprintf used in language files
[Improvement] Default comments order can be any Sort By order
[Improvement] AP note to explain PHP email method is typical
[Improvement] Disabled rating field says 'Already Rated'
[Improvement] Font size of medium for Quote/PHP/Code boxes
[Improvement] User can choose whether to store the form cookie
[Improvement] Greater control over sort order of fields
[Improvement] Admin Panel checks 'Comments URL' setting
[Improvement] JavaScript disabled message auto width
[Improvement] Smilies maximum error msg says how many allowed
[Improvement] Wildcard support for word detection features
[Improvement] Does not fall back to ID if custom ID not found
[Improvement] Pass form field values in integration code
[Improvement] Don't create the page until user posts
[Improvement] Control cookie expiration for form & admin
[Improvement] Ignores email subscription related errors
[Improvement] Displays the topic being reviewed
[Improvement] Choose the Rich Snippets format
[Improvement] No need to add Rich Snippets mark-up
[Improvement] No exclamation marks in JavaScript alerts
[Improvement] Task to re-activate inactive subscribers
[Improvement] Upgrades jQuery script
[Improvement] Upgrades htmLawed script
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Improvement] Upgrades TinyMCE script
[Bug Fix] Page ID/Reference was not decoded for emails
[Bug Fix] No need to globalise variables before script
[Bug Fix] Extra 'height_between_comments' divs produced
[Bug Fix] Character length check of cookies incorrect
[Bug Fix] Reply link and base href tag
[Bug Fix] Reply link and quotes
[Bug Fix] Dutch language fixes
[Bug Fix] Dollar symbol and database details
[Bug Fix] Different Page ID due to cmtx_page=x/cmtx_sort=x
[Bug Fix] Admin Panel xHTML fixes
[Bug Fix] Display of Sort By links and | character
[Bug Fix] Dashboard statistics and ban count
[Bug Fix] < and > pagination xHTML fix
[Other] Tool -> Viewers moved to Report -> Viewers
[Other] Renames 'custom_id' column to 'page_id'
[Other] Notify checkbox unchecked by default
[Other] More lenient flooding check
[Other] More lenient min words/chars check

Version 1.8

3rd March 2012
[Feature] Akismet
[Feature] Sort By
[Feature] Gravatar
[Feature] Sticky Comments
[Improvement] BB Code video tag
[Improvement] Remove spam
[Improvement] Dutch language
[Improvement] Unique URL parameters
[Improvement] Unique anchor tags
[Improvement] Unique POST data
[Improvement] Adds 'nofollow' tags
[Improvement] Dashboard revamp
[Improvement] WYSIWYG TinyMCE
[Improvement] Style the reply boxes
[Improvement] 'require_once' favoured
[Improvement] Adds more admin tips
[Improvement] More admin help icons
[Improvement] DB details has own file
[Improvement] Removes top/divider
[Improvement] Change comments/form order
[Improvement] Can't vote/flag own comment
[Improvement] Banned cannot vote comments
[Improvement] Preserves file encoding
[Improvement] 'Misc' folder for images
[Improvement] Terms & Conditions edited
[Improvement] Lock comment replies
[Improvement] 'Get help..' links to wiki
[Improvement] Removes trap fields
[Improvement] Limit 'Manage -> *' results
[Improvement] No invalid country/rating ban
[Improvement] Admin menu mobile-compatible
[Improvement] Upgrades Swift Mailer script
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Improvement] Upgrades jQuery script
[Improvement] Upgrades
[Bug Fix] 'frm' is undefined
[Bug Fix] RSS uses URL (not server) path
[Bug Fix] Height fixes (less use of p tag)
[Bug Fix] Minimizes use of die() function
[Bug Fix] Some data overly-sanitized
[Bug Fix] Admin label position
[Other] Renames 'banned' table to 'bans'
[Other] Renames 'last_login' table to 'logins'
[Other] Removes toggle_visibility function
[Other] Changes two BB Code images
[Other] Updates copyright

Version 1.7

3rd November 2011
[Feature] Rich Snippets
[Improvement] Threaded replies
[Improvement] Slovenian language
[Improvement] Croatian language
[Improvement] Thai language
[Improvement] BB Code quote tag
[Improvement] Smiley choices
[Improvement] New star images
[Improvement] Mbstring fallback
[Improvement] License in Help Menu
[Improvement] Super Admin column
[Improvement] More help icons/links
[Improvement] Adds 'nofollow' tags
[Improvement] Universal questions
[Improvement] Admin IP kept up-to-date
[Improvement] Transparent captcha imgs
[Improvement] Less strict referrer check
[Improvement] Swift Mailer integration
[Improvement] Banned cannot flag comment
[Improvement] Asterisk for terms/privacy
[Improvement] View PHPInfo report in AP
[Improvement] WYSIWYG for Edit Comment
[Improvement] Upgrades jQuery script
[Improvement] Upgrades htmLawed script
[Improvement] Upgrades captcha script
[Bug Fix] Mod Rewrite
[Bug Fix] Edit comment 'Reply to' order
[Bug Fix] Email comment and UTF-8
[Bug Fix] Saving of BB Code email tag
[Bug Fix] Disable Enter affects whole page
[Other] Removes thumbs.db files

Version 1.6

26th July 2011
[Improvement] Multilingual admin panel
[Improvement] Admin comment label
[Improvement] Valid XHTML/CSS
[Improvement] Reply arrow
[Improvement] Fewer countries
[Improvement] German translation improved
[Improvement] More 'repeat rating' options
[Improvement] jQuery from Google API
[Improvement] jQuery not loaded if present
[Improvement] Social links moved
[Improvement] Reply message instead of field
[Improvement] Anchor locations changed
[Improvement] Hide trap bans in Admin Panel
[Improvement] Field sizes are the same
[Improvement] Upgrades htmLawed script
[Improvement] Upgrades captcha script
[Improvement] Upgrades jQuery script
[Bug Fix] Transparency / Dark background
[Bug Fix] Valid website fix
[Bug Fix] Anchor tag ID
[Bug Fix] No title for reply link
[Bug Fix] RSS name CDATA
[Bug Fix] Moving a comment moves its replies
[Bug Fix] Captcha uses URL (not server) path
[Bug Fix] Agreement uses URL (not server) path
[Other] Enables JS Like/Dislike OK msg
[Other] Disables 'check repeats'
[Other] Disables 'check capitals'

Version 1.5

7th May 2011
[Feature] Like/Dislike comment
[Feature] Report comment
[Improvement] Admin Panel can chmod DB file
[Improvement] German translation improved
[Improvement] Task to delete old comment IPs
[Improvement] Disable DB file permission check
[Improvement] Adds two more admin tips
[Bug Fix] Fixes encoding detection
[Bug Fix] Image sources use URL (not server) path
[Bug Fix] Sets time zone for database
[Bug Fix] Spelling corrections
[Other] Removes setting for order of form/comments
[Other] Renames setting for order of comments

Version 1.4

7th April 2011
[Feature] Reset admin panel password
[Feature] AP access log/quick links
[Improvement] Automatic page creation
[Improvement] Stops repeating characters
[Improvement] Adds 'LinkedIn' social image
[Improvement] Form inputs remembered by cookie
[Improvement] Consolidation of several functions
[Improvement] System Check requires mbstring
[Improvement] Detects links in non-link fields
[Improvement] Captcha removed following preview
[Improvement] Increases control over town field
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Bug Fix] Trap ban and auto-fill
[Bug Fix] Removes 'Options' from .htaccess files
[Bug Fix] Outputs only necessary JavaScript
[Bug Fix] Var $cookie_value undefined in cases
[Bug Fix] Referrer Check & IP based domains
[Other] Re-adjusts height between sections

Version 1.3.5

23rd January 2011
[Improvement] Smooth scroll
[Bug Fix] Suhosin compatible

Version 1.3

14th January 2011
[Feature] Comment Reply
[Feature] Social Links
[Improvement] Multilingual Support
[Improvement] Help page to explain ban reasons
[Improvement] Approval statistic sentence red if above 0
[Improvement] News section allows HTML
[Improvement] Enable/Disable trap check
[Improvement] Display or hide date
[Improvement] Anchors Optional
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables
[Bug Fix] Shortens RSS links
[Bug Fix] 'FilesMatch' is removed from .htaccess files
[Bug Fix] Uses 'SET NAMES' if mysql_set_charset() is undefined
[Bug Fix] Preview text same size as time/date
[Bug Fix] Minimizes use of Die() Function
[Bug Fix] Prevent Resubmit
[Bug Fix] Distinct Function Names/Define Text
[Bug Fix] Spelling corrections
[Bug Fix] 'Detect Link' typo
[Other] Demo Capability
[Other] Files UTF-8 encoded
[Other] Donate Page
[Other] Updates copyright

Version 1.2

7th September 2010
[Feature] BB Code
[Feature] Multiple Administrators
[Feature] Administrator notes
[Improvement] Change display order of form & comments
[Improvement] Dashboard revamp
[Improvement] Admin comment box has distinct styling
[Improvement] Extends admin cookie length to 365 days
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Improvement] Checks comment for excessive capitals
[Improvement] Separates comment max length & max lines
[Bug Fix] Referrer & www / Referrer & index.php
[Bug Fix] Fixes encoding detection
[Bug Fix] Adds admin link to banned website list
[Bug Fix] Fixes website ping
[Bug Fix] Fixes backend 'line break' settings error
[Other] Removes stylesheet2 for simplicty
[Other] Adds content-type/charset to emails

Version 1.1

8th August 2010
[Feature] Admin reply within user's post
[Feature] Automatic link parsing
[Improvement] Reserve email addresses and websites
[Improvement] Enter your own page ID when creating a page
[Improvement] Preserves URL parameters (and adjusts referrer check)
[Improvement] Administrator can not be banned
[Improvement] Added new words to reserved names
[Improvement] Dummy data now catches all TLDs
[Improvement] UTF-8 capable
[Improvement] Website field has 'nofollow' and 'new window' settings
[Improvement] Powered By has 'new window' setting
[Improvement] Enable/Disable referrer check in admin panel
[Improvement] More accurate 'already installed' check
[Improvement] Pagination uses anchor text to avoid scrolling
[Improvement] Deleting a ban deletes ban cookie on next visit
[Improvement] Login page displays link to 'lost password' FAQ
[Improvement] System Check during install/upgrade
[Improvement] Upgrades DataTables script
[Improvement] Page combo box instead of text field
[Bug Fix] Removes default value for text columns in installer
[Bug Fix] Fixes drag & drop JavaScript error.
[Bug Fix] Fixes Opera-only search issue
[Other] Changes 'pagination range' from 5 to 4
[Other] Switches default stylesheet

Version 1.0

9th July 2010
Initial Release