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Auto update on new comments
I have just added this script to my page, it works perfectly.

Once my page is up and running i would expect a few comments a minute, it would be great to have it automagiclly update itself with the latest comments.

Im using it as a tagwall, with the comment getting sent to a scrolling text display.. and the page displays the previous messages for others to see

So yeah, is it possible for it to continuously check for new comments at an interval of say 10 seconds, and just slot it in above the previous one without hitting refresh or reloading the whole page?


Hi Chris,

Yes it's possible and would be a great feature. However it's quite an extensive change so it may be a while before something like this is added.
Have you completed the interview?
in the mean time, is it possible to remove the #cmtx_form that gets tacked onto the end of the address.. so they can hit reload without it trying to resend form data again and giving then the error saying the message is already sent?
I haven't tested this but I believe the browser will resend the form data whether the #cmtx_form anchor is in the URL or not.

To make sure just open /upload/includes/language/english/form.php and change this (line 28):

PHP Code:

To this:

PHP Code:
Have you completed the interview?
Yep your right.. it got rid of the #cmtx_form but the browser still tries to resend the data.. oh well

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