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Focus on reply and post form and more frontend admin functions
Hi there, I just finished implementing commentics on my site (can be viewed here: and on some other pages from the site but it's in romanian though so not much to understand), but anyway, I have some requests that might improve the commentics functionality:

-first of all i noticed that when you hit the reply button on any comment the focus of the site's content remains on that particular comment ... that does not seem right, i would like the focus to move to the comment form (that is if the form is not hidden)

-next, i would like to be able to edit / delete comments via the front end interface (rather than going in the admin panel), a link for the admin (after it is recognized by the system) could appear beside the reply link for every comment or anywhere else for that matter ...

- also if there could be an option in the settings menu for the fadeout confirmation box in the comment form (the green one that says that your comment has been posted) so that that fadeout effect could be prolonged or even disabled ... that is for the less code knowing users that might want to keep that notification active ... and also there is a matter of focus there ... after posting the comment the site just jumps to the top (for me at least) so the confirmation box is out of sight if the content is larger than one screen. It might be better that after form submission and validation the site;s focus could be brought back to the form rather than the top of the site

before commentics i would use some other comments script, but after seeing what commentics can do I would never change to another script that is out there.
so bottom line: thanks for this great script and I'm waiting for any new features that might come up Smile

so thank you for your great script !!!

Thanks for your feedback, it's really useful.

When you click the reply button it does actually focus on the form (look at the Commentics demo). The reason it's not working on your site is because you've removed the 'Add Comment' heading (this is what it tries to focus on). To fix this, just add the attribute id="cmtx_form" to the element that you want it to focus on. For example:

<div class="cmtx_form_heading" id="cmtx_form">Discuta pe aceasta tema:</div>

I agree that the ability to edit and delete comments on the frontend would be really good so I'll add that to the roadmap.

I'll add some settings for the fading of the confirmation box in the next version.

I noticed when looking at your site that you have a lot of padding below the reply link which is ruining the layout. This is caused by one of your stylesheets,

.curs_content img {
    float: left;
    padding-bottom: 10px;
    padding-right: 10px;
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