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Change Comments Form's elements links to local

In the integrated comments page html, all Commentics' classes anchor values are shown with full external URL references to the hosting site.
I would like to see local reference instead - will save many DNS trips, analytics external hit counts, and improve site responsiveness

Can you provide an example of what you mean.
Have you completed the interview?
(06-Feb-2015, 07:31 PM)Steven Wrote: Can you provide an example of what you mean.

If my domain is, then I see in the source of the main comments form many hard links as in this example:

class="cmtx_buttons"><a href="" id="cmtx_reply_44" class="cmtx_reply_enabled" title="Reply to this comment" rel="nofollow" onclick="document.getElementById('cmtx_hide_reply').style.display='block';document.getElementById('cmtx_reply_id').value='44';document.getElementById('cmtx_reply_message').innerHTML='You are replying to tester41. ';document.getElementById('cmtx_reset_reply').style.display='inline'"><img src="" alt="Reply" title="Reply to this comment"/>Reply</a></div></div>

For the reasons I mentioned in the OP, I woulod prefer to see relative linking as ./comment1.php#cmtx_form and ./Commentics/upload_a/images/buttons/reply.png  etc.
Oh, and one more thing:
IIRC the installation instructions recommend to rename the /upload directory to something else for security reasons, but I still see in the html page source the full (modified) path...
I understand, so you'd prefer a relative URL rather than an absolute URL. The reason it uses absolute URLs is because many websites use a base tag. The base tag changes all relative URLs to begin with whatever the base href is set to. With Commentics this behaviour is completely unwanted because it ruins the location of the URL meaning that the images can't be found and as far as I know the only way to prevent it is to use an absolute URL. There may be a better way but if there is then I'm not aware of it.

The installation instructions recommend to rename the /admin/ folder for security reasons. Renaming the /upload/ folder is optional and doesn't affect security.
Have you completed the interview?
Thanks for the explanation. I didn't realize that base tag is being used by many of the uninitiated.
And thank you for setting me straight on the /upload directory with its path in the clear.

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