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Image Uploads
Is there any option to upload images directly? Most people will not have the appropriateĀ image available online.
At this moment it's on the roadmap. To get an idea of how it should work, do you mind answering these?

1. Is it only images or do you think other files types (such as PDFs or zips) would be useful?
2. Would you want the ability for multiple images per comment?
3. I'd probably add it as a new field directly below the comment. After the user selects the image from their computer, it would insert a BB code into the comment that corresponds with the image. The image will only be uploaded once the user clicks either the 'Add Comment' or 'Preview' button AND there are no form errors (such as wrong captcha). If the user removes the corresponding BB code then it wouldn't upload the image, and if the user duplicates it then it would show an error. See attachment.

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Have you completed the interview?
Thanks Steven.

1. For my purposes displaying images in the comment is most important.
2. Multiple images would be a good option as long as it doesn't complicate uploading too much.
3. This process looks OK.
If I may add to the discussion:

1. Uploading an image is very important for me - jpg, png and gif
In addition, the ability to upload TXT, PDF, ZIP (high priority) and WORD/EXCEL docs (lesser priority) will be greatly appreciated.

2. The ability to upload multiple images/docs/archives is nice to have (let's say 3 max) - provided that it does not clutter the posting.

3. I wonder if it easy to add a "Remove" button to the right of the "Browse" button in case the user changes his mind and decides not to upload a file.
+ 1 for image upload.
so we did not need to upload somewhere else and link it

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