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Hands Down THE Best Commenting System Available!
After having implemented a half a dozen or more different commenting systems into my website's re-design and putting them to the test and weighing out all of their pros and cons (mostly cons), I discovered Commentics. Take it from me, it is in a class high above all of the rest! It has a vast array of rich features, which you simply will not get with any of the horrible (popular) 3rd party hosted commenting systems or other paid commenting systems you will find. It completely blows away the couple of commenting systems I purchased by far. Commentics is installed and hosted on your own website, so you are in complete control of everything and you own the comments. It performs super fast and does not bog your page loading speed down with wretched 3rd party hosted java scripts! If you have any problems, Steven will more than graciously give you his support and help you get everything in perfect working order.

I could go on and on about how awesome this commenting system is. It truly is one of my favorite features of my newly re-designed website!

You will find it live at on my "Insights Blog" pages.

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