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Using Commentics With Schema For Reviews & Star Ratings SEO
Hi Steven,
Long time no see! I hope everything is going well for you over here! So, I have been researching and trying to get a firm grasp on structured data (Schema/JSON-LD/Etc), so I can start incorporating it into my website. One of the things I am really wanting to do right away is, incorporate a means for my clients to leave reviews and star ratings for my services on my website. I'm not having much luck finding a stand alone (non-Wordpress) script, which will do both reviews and stars (all in one) AND generate rich snippets. I still have Commentics installed on my site and love it very much and it seems like it could very easily be setup to do exactly what i'm trying to do (if it isn't already). Basically, what I want to do is, have the review/star rating system setup on a single page (marked up with schema) and somehow use schema markup in the footer of every page to get star/review ratings (and count) in my search results for each page, etc. Is this already possible with Commentics? If not, is this something that you would consider adding any time in the near future?

Thanks as always!

~ Aedryan
YES! I guess I should have known you would already had this covered with this awesome commenting system! lol I just found some of my answers elsewhere on the forum at:

I will post any further questions there.

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