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Install on dynamic pages
I tried this script many time over the years, each time unsuccessful, integration is too user unfriendly. Iv'e read through the forum with no resolve. The same comments show on each page, which makes no sense for a blog site. Does anyone know how I can get past this hurdle without a masters degree in PHP?
Sure. In the integration code you just need to put a different value for $cmtx_identifier on each page. If you compare example1.php and example2.php in the download package you'll see that the values are different. For your blog I know this can be difficult because you'll want the value to be set dynamically. The solution obviously depends on what exactly you're trying to integrate Commentics into. In your blog's template (or wherever your integration code is) I suggest you to go through the code and have a look for anything similar to an ID. Somewhere there should be an ID of the page that you can use for the value of $cmtx_identifier. What blog is it? If it's a popular one and you let me know the file you've added the integration code to then I don't mind having a look.
Have you completed the interview?

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