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Securimage draggable false
My idea is to add draggable="false" to the securimage captcha. I don't know how to do this (can't find the words img with ctrl+f in any file, and have the image be related to the captcha)
The image can be found in the file /frontend/view/default/template/main/form.tpl (line 224)

<img id="cmtx_securimage_image" src="<?php echo $securimage_url; ?>securimage_show.php?namespace=<?php echo $captcha_namespace; ?>" alt="<?php echo $lang_alt_securimage; ?>">
Have you completed the interview?
Are you adding draggable="false" to any other images or only that one?

What did you mean by "have the image related to the captcha"?
Have you completed the interview?

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