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w3 reports ERROR Bad Value
[b]<input type="url" id="cmtx_dialog_link_field_1" value="http://">[/b]
[b]<input type="url" id="cmtx_dialog_image_field" value="http://">[/b]

Error[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)][/color]Bad value http:// for attribute value on element input: Invalid host: empty host.
When I started this thread yesterday, I didn't realize it posted in a strange format.  Here's a screenshot of it.
Although the validator has identified this, I'm not convinced there's anything to fix.

The value is prefilled with 'http://' to make it clear that's what the expected URL must start with, while it also saves the user a bit of typing time.

The validator I think is assuming that 'http://' will be submitted. When actually the user will complete the URL so that it's valid.

If you still want to modify it though, you can change the value in:

Have you completed the interview?

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