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Commentics 3.3 breaks colorbox on my site
I am currently using colorbox on my website separately from commentics. When installing version 3.3, anytime the comments are loaded on a page, all of my colorbox links on the page stop working. Clicking on those links will just jump straight to the page like normal and not useĀ  the lightbox of colorbox.

I confirm commentics is causing the issue, when I remove the commentics code on the page colorbox works normally again.

I have to downgrade to an old version of commentics to avoid this bug, but I like the new design and features.

Any way to get both working at the same time?

Thank you.
If you go to 'Extensions -> Themes' you can select that you load it yourself.
Have you completed the interview?
I did what you said and tell it load locally but it still breaks my colorbox.

What is the purpose of colorbox on commentics, and how do I disable it permanently and not have it affect anything?
I find that if I load manually jQuery colorbox works, but that breaks the comments drop down boxes.

Any way to fix this?
Sorry yes when I said to select that you load it yourself, I meant for you to select the 'No, I load it myself' option.

It's used for the 'privacy policy' and the 'terms and conditions' links and also the image upload feature.

If you were to disable all those in 'Settings -> Layout -> Form' it wouldn't load Colorbox.

Maybe share a link to your page so I can determine what's happening?

Also, just for info, Colorbox is removed in the next version in favour of a custom built one.
Have you completed the interview?

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