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No new subscription possible

It seems that if one user does not confirm the subscription (for whatever reason - lost/ignored/deleted email, spam, etc), anyone else who subscribes for notifications does not actually get registered for them. They do not appear on the backend/index.php?route=manage/subscriptions page.

As a workaround, I have to manually "confirm" the unconfirmed subscription and then everything works again, for a while only.
It makes sure no one with the same IP address can request another subscription if they have an unconfirmed one.

Otherwise the same person could repeatedly send confirmation emails to random people.

The task system clears any unconfirmed subscriptions after I think 7 days.
Have you completed the interview?

thanks for clearing that up, I did find the 7-day cleanup task, which makes sense. 
So the issue is with my test-environment, since everything is running on localhost/, the IP never changes

Have a great day!

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