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mysql table

I need to create a new table on an already existing Mariadb.
To be absolutly sure that eventual further problems during the installation process are  not caused by a wrong-functioning TABLE  I need to know  how this Table  (user rights, syntax,etc) shall look like.

Ps.-I´m running PHP 7.1
Hi you can install Commentics to your existing database. Just make sure to enter a table prefix during the installer (step 6 of the below guide).

The installation guide also recommends which privileges your database user should have (step 5).
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Hi ,The issue with the table seems to be solved.
I have  reinstalled the program three or four times already.Firdt time did work for a while.then suudenly the page on wich I had attached the script didn´,t load back when a new comment was swnd.Just returned a black page adter a long time .
Have the same problem after rel-installation  2 -3.I suspect it can be caused either by the renamed folders or/and by a php code conflict.My site is writen in php and so far only reachable  through  log in.Can  <?php session_start(); ?> be causing the conflict?
I have also noticed that the  frontend/index  show just a blank page when I view it directly on the browser.


$cmtx_identifier = '1';

$cmtx_reference  = 'Page One';

$cmtx_folder     = '/commentics/';

require($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $cmtx_folder . 'frontend/index.php');


I just wish it would work and intend to get the upgraded version but need to be 100% sure it will be stable ,and remain so.
Going mad with this thing!
It's normal for /frontend/index.php to not show anything when viewing directly in the browser.

If you're seeing a blank page elsewhere, have a look at the 'How do I fix a strange problem?' FAQ in the 'General' section below:

Let me know any errors you find and I'll be able to help.
Have you completed the interview?

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