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Problem on new version with USER NAME when they add coment
Hello, I hope somebody help me...

When a user post a new comment, everything goes OK, except the name of the user is not shown.
Yo can see it working at: 
(the id is a number of a page)

I used the old version of COMMENTICS, so  I could´t upgrade. So, I installed the new version, in a new directory in a new database. After it I copied the old tables of the old version and copied them to the new database (Table COMMENTS and table PAGES).
When a user post a comment, it appear s in the list, it is record on the on the database (both comment and user)

I will be happy to pay the for the support if it can be fixed...
Hi even with an old version it's still possible to upgrade. Please see the below link.

If instead you'd rather fix your current setup then I'd suggest comparing the structure of the 'comments' and 'pages' tables of your old version with your current version because you might be missing some columns, such as the 'user_id' column in the 'comments' table for example.

I've attached the structure of those two tables for Commentics 3.4.

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Have you completed the interview?

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