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SSO (single sign on) Possible?
We have a hosted LMS solution that we are using that does not allow us to install PHP on the server our hosted LMS is on. I would like to add comments to some of our lessons and blog posts within the member's area. What I want to do is installed Commentics on an external server then use an iframe embed on the LMS to load comments into the pages. The iframe part should be no problem however I would also like the users to be able to post with their existing username on our system without login. Is there a way to auto-login people into the system using SSO (single sign-on) or some other authentication method from our LMS?
I just tested the iFrame method and it appears to work fine.

For the auto-login it's possible using the solution below. To get the user information to your external server I think you would need to pass the user information as $_GET variables in the iFrame URL.
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I purchased commentics and logged into the client area there appears to be a support form in there is that what I use for the paid support i added to my order? I asked a question but nothing has come back yet. Let me know if im doing the member support right.
Okay thanks for letting me know. I didn't receive a notification about it.

I'll take a look and get back to you today.
Have you completed the interview?

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