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Feel free to criticize!
First of all ...
a million thanks to Steven who put up with my endless nagging and questioning. As mentioned before - this is not only an unbelievably great commenting / rating piece of software, but it comes with outstanding support and - I cannot imagine that one could be more annoying than I am,

so Steven, thanks so much indeed (I'll get back to you)!

Couldn't sleep last night so I went ahead and finished everything off and uploaded the new overhaul of the site. One of the pages with Commentics implemented ... its here
Feel free to send me your feedback how it looks on your site and feel free to point out the mistakes (I am not a programmer and happy to learn)!

Thank you - "Commentics"

Thanks for adding your website to the showcase. It looks good! I like how you have styled the "Comments" and "Add Comment" headings.

There was just one problem that I noticed. When I clicked the 'Reply' button in Firefox and Chrome, it scrolled down to the form like it should do, but then it scrolled again to near the top of the page. It worked okay in Internet Explorer. I have found out the reason for the problem. The anchor tag needs an ID attribute.

In comments/includes/template/form.php, line 349, there is this:
PHP Code:
?><a name="<?php echo $anchor?>"></a><?php 

Replace it with this:
PHP Code:
?><a id="<?php echo $anchor?>" name="<?php echo $anchor?>"></a><?php 

You should also make the exact same change on line 336, and in comments/includes/template/comments.php on line 269.

This will be fixed in the next version.
Have you completed the interview?
Yep, I noticed that but forgot to mention ... all fixed.
Thanks for the tip and feedback, Steven.

Cheereoh Wink
our new site is up with the latest Commentics version ...
it was so easy to customize it due to the enormous improvement since I used the first version. 1.6 (I guess?, forgot... )

TKS Steven!

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