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Basic Implementation
hello everyone,

Just thought i'd share my basic Implementation of Commentics that i done on my website.

I've made a few changes to the PHP, CSS, HTML code and such to make it to my needs.

Also used some of my own icons for the share buttons, I took me about 2 hours (4am till 6am) to do everything I've done part from some parts took a little longer as i had to get a bit of help with the script at the start.

Right now i'm testing all the script and custom stuff in other web-browsers (IE doesn't seem to like my cascading style shees) So working on doing a cascading style sheet just for IE users.

I'm also working on a add-on (not going to go into detail just yet!) if you've any feedback/ideas feel free to leave them in the comments on the site or post below.

link. :-)
can't edit my post to add :/ - but i've made some changes to this. Smile

I've updated a few things along with added a Mod, Admin, and warning notice (click here to preview this lol)

sorry for posting another reply, but it appears i'm not allowed to edit the first post aha.

all feedback is welcome.

(also if you 'subscribe' by ticking "Please, notify me of new comments posted?" it's now a custom page i made with a better url - feedback also welcome!)

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