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admin login issue

I'm having problems with admin login - specifically logging in and remembering that I'm logged in.

I can log in but it usually takes 5 or 6 attempts before it recognises me. Then whilst accessing other functions, rather than taking me to the link it'll throw up a login screen again which then takes me back to the dashboard rather than the link requested.

- I searched the forum and sessions seem ok: see link
- I use /admin/index.php rather than /admin/ to access it
- I've cleared cache etc for the domain
- Tried a new browser but now have a 30 minute timeout Confused

Can I ask, is there anything else I should check? Setup seemed to go ok and the script is being called in fine here. Note I havn't tarted it up yet, just trying to get it working first.

Are there any specific questions I can ask my hosting support that might give an indication what the problem is?

many thanks

It might be that your IP address is changing and thus logging you out. Commentics performs a check to make sure that your IP address is the same throughout your admin session to help against session hijacking. This of course can be a problem if your IP address is very dynamic and changes frequently, so this will be reviewed for the next version. In the meantime you could remove the check by following the solution in the thread below. Also, the link to your stylesheet is wrong which is why all of the elements on the page don't look right.
Have you completed the interview?
Wow, fast response, thank you!

Good point about the css, done thank you. Let me wade through the other link and see if I can sort it.

Thank you!
Hello again,

Done as suggested but unfortunately the behaviour still happens - does this need a little time to sort itself out? I've cleaned cache, cookies etc. Anything else I can try - is there anything I can ask the hosting company that'll help me clear it?

On another note I've just found out that system() is disabled, it couldn't have anything to do with that could it? Or is that just for db backups (which I can do manually anyway so not necessary).

Many thanks!
Okay would you be able to replace your /comments/renamed_admin/includes/auth.php file with this one and report back with the results. Make sure you're logged out first before trying it.

.php   auth.php (Size: 10.64 KB / Downloads: 28)
Have you completed the interview?
I don't think time will help in this case.

The auth.php file which I attached should hopefully pinpoint the issue and from that I can determine whether it's a problem with the script or with your hosting.

No the system() function is only used for the database backup feature so it shouldn't affect any other parts of the script.

Do you get any messages such as "Logged out by system"?

Does the admin panel demo on this website work okay for you?
Have you completed the interview?
Hello Steven and thank you!
No I don't get any specific messages - other than the blank login screen when I try and go to certain links. It doesn't happen on the dem. Here is a screenshot of using the file you provided:

apologies a bit shook up just been in a car accident and written off car. Thank you
Oh, hope you're okay!

I had a look at your site and I can see what you mean. I was able to log in after a few attempts and then after browsing a few pages it logged me out without any sort of message. Normally I would suggest to check your .htaccess file but I don't think that's the problem because it seems to be such an intermittent issue. To me it appears like a hosting issue, possibly related to session handling, so I can only recommend to contact your host and say to them that you're being logged out of the admin panel intermittently and it appears to be session related. Hopefully they'll be able to fix it. Commentics can sometimes log the admin out but it will always display some type of message so I don't believe it has anything to do with the script's code.

P.S. Thanks for the donation.
Have you completed the interview?
No worries... would have done it anyway regardless of you answering.

Just curious, does this ring any bells. If I F5 when 'logged without without message' it actually goes to the page it's supposed to. Sound familiar to you at all, it there an identified cause for behaviour like that?
hello, I've just been on the blower with the hosting company. Apologies some of this is a little over my head but they said the following. Sessions are binary but we know that they are set, so it's not that. The support chap suggested it might be the order of the authentication and ?page=blah redirect. His observation was that given that F5 seems to make it work, maybe the page should be set first before checking the session, rather than checking the session is set before it is set. Does this make some sense to you?

Alternatively maybe this is a cheeky suggestion but is there a place I could add a line to force a page refresh every time? Bit of a bodge job but that would do the same as the manual F5, no?

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