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"There is an issue with"
Stephen, I'm getting this in my control panel "There is an issue with".

I suspect it is something to do with my hosting, the load balancing went bad this week. Can you explain what this might mean and something I can say to my hosting provider?

Also the rss went down

That message appears when the script gets the newest version number from the website and the version number returned isn't a float (e.g. "2.5"). Typically the only reason that this will happen is when the website is down. So it's likely to be an issue with this website and not yours. It's working for me at the moment so maybe it was just temporary? The only other thing I can think of is that the PHP version that you have has a bug where it's not doing the floatval check correctly.
Have you completed the interview?
Thanks Steven. I think it might also be the connectivity, ie somehow the script can't even see your site. Reason I say this is because another script I did, a variant of your rss script, can't see the site itself. So the common element here is inability of php or db to see other sites... but will also pass on your comments.

Thanks again!!

This is sorted, there was an issue with dns lookups that's been resolved
Okay, thanks for the follow-up.
Have you completed the interview?

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