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Hi Smile

On my commetics the insert image popup is showing... but when i entered a Url it das not apply it to the textarea, evenso with Youtube and links, emailaddress.

I noticed it das not work eather here on the Commentics demo.
Is it turned off enywhere or do I something wrong?


It works fine for me on your website. Are you entering a valid image URL? If you leave it as "http://" and click Insert then it's not meant to insert anything.

Have you tried in a different web browser?

Can you export a PDF from the link below and attach it here:


Have you completed the interview?
Hi Steven,

Thanks for the quick reply! I tested it as you recommend in Firefox and it worked beautiful !

In IE10 the bbcode is not inserted in the textarea.. IE browser trubbels again!


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.pdf   export.pdf (Size: 19.62 KB / Downloads: 7)
That's strange, it works in IE11. I'll have to see if I can test in IE10.
Have you completed the interview?
Hi Steven
Thanks very much! I am going to search for a solution as well...
I notice that here on the forum on the post reply page.. there is a tekst editor that das insert a image url or link on IE10.
Hmmm no wonder IE browsers are losing the browser war Rolleyes


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