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Features are listed in no particular order and are not guaranteed.

They may be added to any version, (not necessarily the next version).

To suggest a feature, please use the Forum.

Web 2.0

Ajax submission and pagination.

Extra Fields

Add extra fields to the form. Text fields, radio buttons, selects, checkboxes.

One-click Upgrade

Perform an automated upgrade from the admin panel.


Using one installation for multiple websites.

Multiple Ratings

The ability to rate multiple factors, like price, quality and value.

HTML Emails

Send HTML emails, as well as plain-text.

Subscriber Improvements

Guest subscriptions.

Image Upload

Upload an image to display inside the comment.

Search Comments

Search the comments for particular text.

Responsive Design

The design responds according to the device.

Import Comments

Import and export comments from the admin panel.

Full Akismet Integration

The ability for admin to submit Spam and Ham to the Akismet website to improve its service.

More Translatable

Translate captcha questions and email subject.

Moderate by Email

The ability to approve or delete a comment directly from the admin notification email.