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How do I change the time and date?


The time and date shown can be customized in /commentics/frontend/view/default/language/english/english.php.

If you're using the 'auto update' feature where it says for example '2 minutes ago' then scroll down to the bottom of the file and you'll see the text to change.

If you're not using the 'auto update' feature and the comment says something like 'Today 12:50pm' or '16th November 2016 9:11am' then read on.

Near the top of the file, you'll see a line that contains 'lang_date_time_format'.

To gain an understanding of what you can enter, take a look at the reference link below. You will find a list of letters, some capital and some not, but all of which correspond to a specific way of formatting. You can put these letters together in order to build a complete display of the time/date.

The default setting for the time format is 'g:ia', which outputs 10:43pm. To change this to the 24hr format (22:43), you would replace it with 'G:i'.

For the date field the default setting is 'jS F Y', and this outputs 16th November 2016. In the same way as above, you could customize this to display 16-11-16 by entering 'd-m-y'.


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