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How do I edit the captcha?


Commentics has two options of captcha; 'Securimage' and 'ReCaptcha (v2)'. Both can be modified by going to 'Settings -> Layout -> Form' and clicking edit on the Captcha row.

Securimage is a traditional captcha where the user has to enter the characters from an image. It has the advantage of being able to change the difficulty settings depending on how much spam you are getting. However it does not work on all servers due to its dependence on the GD library.

ReCaptcha v2 is a new captcha where the user simply ticks a checkbox. This has the advantage of being an easier user experience but it does require you to get a (free) API key to be able to use it.

Note that with 'ReCaptcha', the language setting can at times be overridden (ignored) by the ReCaptcha service depending on the user's IP address. Commentics has no control over this.

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