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How do I change the text?


If there's a specific word or phrase that you want to change, it's usually best to use the Text Finder tool in the admin panel (Tools -> Text Finder). This tool will search the language files and tell you the exact file and line number to make the change. For example, let's say we want to change the word “says”:

  1. Go to Tools -> Text Finder.
  2. Select the 'Frontend' option.
  3. Select the 'Case-sensitive' option.
  4. Enter the word “says” (without quotes).
  5. Click Search.

This gives the result:

Found at line 6 in the file /commentics/frontend/view/default/language/english/main/comments.php
$_['lang_text_says'] = 'says...';

To change the word to “wrote”, we would open that file and edit the line to this:

$_['lang_text_says'] = 'wrote...';

Note that if entering an apostrophe (') you will need to escape it by placing a backslash (\) immediately before it. For example:

$_['lang_example'] = 'She\'s going to school';


Changing the emails is slightly different. These are edited within the admin panel (Settings -> Email -> Editor).

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