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How do I change the text? Article rated 4.2/5.0
If there's a specific word or phrase that you want to change, it's usually best to use the Text Finder tool in the admin panel (Tools -> Text Finder). This tool will search the language files and t...
How do I change the headings? Article rated 4.6/5.0
The text "Add Comment" and "Comments" can be edited in /commentics/frontend/view/default/language/english/main/form.php and /commentics/frontend/view/default/language/english/main/comments.php respect...
How do I add a new language? Article rated 4.1/5.0
Commentics already comes included with several translations, but if you would like to add another language then this is quite simple. First copy-and-paste the /english/ folder within the following dir...

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