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Preamble: Before starting the upgrade, backing up both your database and your site files is of great importance.

Note: In the steps below, remember to replace with your actual domain name.

Note: You may need to clear your web browser cache after the upgrade.

2.5 -> 3.0

This is a major upgrade. Only comments and pages are kept. Do a practice run first.

Important: The integration code has changed. Also the dynamic keyword conversion has been removed.

1. Check that your server meets the new minimum requirements.
2. Make a note of your Commentics admin panel settings.
3. Put the script in maintenance mode (Settings -> Maintenance).
4. Back up your database (Tools -> Database Backup) and your files.
5. Delete the whole Commentics folder and all files inside it on your server.
6. Upload the /upload/ folder to your server where the Commentics folder was.
7. Rename the /upload/backend/ folder to the same as what your renamed admin folder was called.
8. Rename the /upload/ folder to the same as what your Commentics folder was called.
9. Run the upgrade
10. Reset your admin password using the Lost Password feature.
11. Log in to your admin panel and make sure everything is working.
12. Save your settings that you made a note of in step two.
13. Go to 'Settings -> Administrator' to change your password.
14. Go to 'Reports -> Permissions' to check your file permissions are correct.
15. Go to 'Settings -> Email -> Setup' to send yourself a test email.
16. Go to 'Extensions -> Themes' and set your theme options.
17. Delete the /upload/install/ folder.
18. Take the script out of maintenance mode (Settings -> Maintenance).
19. Test all of the frontend features.

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