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Become part of our community to help make the script better and the project grow. You can make a big difference, even without technical skills. There are many ways that you can help the project, including ..

(Not Technical)


It's always nice to hear about Commentics in live use. If you find the time, please consider answering a few questions about your own experience with the script. The interview will then be published on the blog.


Can you speak another language? If so, you can contribute to the project by adding a new language or improving an existing one. When you're ready, just submit your files in the translation section of the forum.

Write a Review

Commentics can be reviewed at various websites. Sharing your opinion can often help make the difference between someone choosing this script and another, as well as making the script more prominent in their search results. Review at SourceForge. Review at Hot Scripts.

Donations are both welcome and encouraged. Whatever you can afford is appreciated. Currently the only method of payment is with PayPal and the email address to donate to can be found on the FAQ system. All money received goes towards hosting costs. Donate. View Donors.

Request a Feature

If you feel that yourself or other users of the script would benefit from a new feature, please ask for it in the feature request section of the forum. In many cases it can be added for the next version. In your request, try to explain the specific details of how you would like it to work.

Suggest an FAQ

The FAQ system is there to answer common questions that can be found quickly and easily so that users won't need to go to the trouble of asking on the forum. If you think that it's missing a common question then please suggest it in the section of the forum.

Report a Bug

Bugs (or faults with the script) should be reported in the bugs section of the forum. Even if you think that it's only minor and not worth reporting, it may affect other users and reporting it will improve the script. When reporting, try to provide as much information as possible.

Follow the Blog

The blog contains frequent news including such topics as development progress, useful tips, interviews, new add-ons and release notes. Your thoughts on these are important so try to follow all the news and don't hesitate to add a comment if you see something which interests you.

Expand the Wiki

The wiki is for user-contributed documentation. At the moment, it needs more admin panel information. To contribute, just go to an admin panel page, click the 'Get help for this page' link and create the page to add anything which you think would be useful to another administrator.


Help Others

If you see a question in the forum by another user and you think you know the answer or you can point them in the right direction, please post the solution. Doing so will mean that they don't have to wait as long. Often, answers will only require a generic knowledge of programming.

Share Add-on

Add-ons (otherwise known as plugins) are components that extend or improve the main script. If you have changed the script in such a way that you think might benefit other users, please submit it by following the link on the add-ons page. Other administrators can then download it.

Fork on GitHub

Commentics is now on GitHub which means that you can “fork” the code in order to “push” any changes back to the project. It also allows you to follow the ongoing development of the new version and to provide feedback if you can think of a better way of implementing the changes.

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