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The main part of the script is the file /commentics/includes/commentics.php. This file loads the language definitions and the functions before then displaying the output using the template files. In doing this it is also responsible for the following:

  • Connecting the database
  • Error reporting
  • Detecting the admin
  • Maintenance mode
  • Determining the page
  • Setting the time zone
  • Adding viewers
  • Running tasks

Other Parts

In addition to commentics.php, other independent files include /commentics/rss.php, /commentics/subscribers.php, /commentics/flag.php, /commentics/vote.php and /commentics/rate.php.


To connect to the database, load the file /commentics/includes/db/connect.php. The database contains the following tables:

  • access
  • admins
  • attempts
  • bans
  • comments
  • logins
  • pages
  • questions
  • ratings
  • reporters
  • settings
  • subscribers
  • version
  • viewers
  • voters

As of Commentics v2.4, to retrieve a database setting you can use the syntax cmtx_setting('name_of_setting').

External Scripts

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