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Getting Started

This guide will explain in simple terms how to get started. By the end you will have added Commentics to your site and be ready to use it.

There are two steps, Installation and Integration. Before we begin, we should check a few things:


Does your web server meet the minimum requirements? If you don't know then that's okay, Commentics will check them during the installation and will tell you if you can proceed. On the other hand, you may want to ask your host with an email like this one:


I'm interested in running the open source script Commentics ( and I was wondering if my account supported the following:

PHP 5.3.7 or higher (Required)
MySQL 5.0.7 or higher (Required)
Ctype extension (Required)
Filter extension (Required)
JSON extension (Required)
cURL extension (Recommended)


cURL is not essential, however you will need it if you want the admin panel to do a version-check and retrieve the latest project news.

Lastly, it might be obvious but Commentics is a PHP script so you will need a PHP file to add the script to. If your file is a HTML file then see here.


Installing Commentics is fairly quick and simple. It has an installer interface which adds the database tables for you.

To install, complete this guide.


Next you will need to add Commentics to your page(s). This involves opening the file of your page and adding a few pieces of code inside it.

To integrate, complete this guide.

If you are integrating with a popular script there may be a tutorial on the Implementations page.

What Next?

After you have integrated the script into your file, simply view the page in your web browser.

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